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How to Install Aluminum Louver Windows Correctly?

How to Install Aluminum Louver Windows Correctly?

Issue Time:2021-10-25
the correct method of installing aluminum louver windows
A major feature of louver windows is safety and convenience, and they are often used in homes or offices. The most common material for shutters is aluminum shutters, which have the characteristics of easy cleaning, heat insulation, non-aging, etc., which are deeply loved and favored by people. After purchasing the louver windows, we need to install them correctly according to the following steps to ensure that the aluminum louver windows can be used safely.

Measure the outer frame size

Before installing aluminum louver windows, we need to measure the outer frame size. Measure the widest dimensions of the top, middle, and bottom of the window from left to right, that is, the width of the outer frame shall prevail. Measure the left, middle, and right dimensions of the window from top to bottom, that is, the width of the outer frame shall prevail.

Measure the size of the inner frame

Use the above method to measure the size of the inner frame to determine the depth of the window and ensure that the louver windows have enough free space for movement. Different installation methods require different window depths: 8cm depth is required for fixed or horizontal installation; in addition to the width of the product blade, the number of layers of the product should be considered during push-pull installation.

Generally, a single leaf requires a depth of 10cm; a depth of 10cm must be reserved for folding installation.

Determine the depth of the window

If the method of installing aluminum shutters is different, the depth of the window is also different, and the purpose is to allow the shutter blades to move freely. The window is not a regular rectangular window. The difference in the width or height of each measurement position is within 5mm, which will not affect the production and installation of the louver windows; if it is greater than 5mm, wood should be added on both sides of the window or up and down to compensate for the irregularity of the window.

Generally, people don't choose fixed installation when installing aluminum louver windows, and they use flat open methods to fix the louver windows. The casement method has the characteristics of good airtightness and is suitable for small windows or single sashes.

When installing push-pull shutters, you must not only pay attention to the width of the product blades but also pay attention to the number of layers to install the product. Under normal circumstances, single-leaf and folding sliding shutter blades need 10cm depth for movement, and double-layer shutters need to ensure 15cm depth.

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