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The Guide for Installing and Inspecting Aluminum Windows

The Guide for Installing and Inspecting Aluminum Windows

Issue Time:2021-11-15
the steps of installing and inspecting aluminum windows

Aluminum windows can not only be matched with many home styles but also have better safety performance than other window types. Only by correctly installing and inspecting the aluminum window in accordance with the following steps can its normal use in the future be guaranteed.

Installation method

1. Establish the position of the window

First, find the edge of the outer window on the top layer. At this time, use a large wire drop to pull the edge of the window down. The horizontal position of the window should be the +100cm line of the floor, and the windows on each floor must be on the same horizontal line. If it is a concrete wall, its subframe should be fixed with nails.

2. Fixing of the window frame and seam treatment

For the window frame and the sub-frame, it is better to use self-tapping screws to connect it. The sub-frame and the wall must remember to use cement mortar for closing and leveling. After the window frame is installed, the sealant should be used to caulk tightly.

3. Window sash installation

Window sashes are divided into inner and outer sashes. The first thing to be installed is the outer sash. When installing, insert it into the outer groove of the upper slide. You can use the same method to install the inner sash.

4. Installation of glass

When installing the window sash, it must be cut according to the size of the window sash, so that it will be more accurate, and it must meet the requirements of the corresponding specifications. If it is the size of a single piece of glass, you can use both hands to clamp it. If the size of a single piece of glass is larger, then you can use the glass sucker method. After the glass is in place, the rubber strip can be embedded in the groove to squeeze the glass, and then silicone sealant can be injected into it.

Acceptance steps

1. Inspect drawings

The first step of acceptance is to check the type, specification, and installation position of the window according to the design drawings, and check whether the details of the window are consistent with the annotations in the design drawings. If they are inconsistent, they should be reworked as soon as possible.

2. Check the appearance

For the surface of the aluminum window, we need to push and pull the window appropriately to check whether the installation of the window is firm and reliable, and to avoid potential safety hazards due to insecurity. At the same time, the gap between the frame of the window and the wall should be inlaid tightly to ensure that it is not easy to loosen. There should be no obvious defects such as scratches or cracks on the surface of the window. Check whether it is flat and smooth.

3. Inspection of embedded parts

The inspection of embedded parts is relatively simple. It only needs to check whether the number of embedded parts and the buried position are consistent with the preset in the design drawings.

4. Inspect hardware

Check the hardware accessories such as the screws of the aluminum alloy windows to see if they are complete, and whether they are blocked and difficult to open and close.

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